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Day 1: Hannover /  Wennigsen to Göttingen ( 121 km)

This tour was the first when we have set off from home and returned without using trains or flying. The Bikeboys' contribution to sustainable travel.  Our was first stop was in Einbeck which is well known for Einbecker beer from one Germany's small independent breweries.  Our goal for the day was Göttingen, famous for it's university. We stayed the night in the youth hostel - Jugenherberge Göttingen

Day 2:  Göttingen to Eisenach (128 km)

Day 3: Eisenach to Philippsthal (62 km)

Day 4: Philippsthal to Oberhof  (83 km)

Day 5: Oberhof to Erfurt (52 km)

Day 6: Erfurt to Kelbra (93  km)

Day 7: Kelbra to  Osterode (86 km)

Day 8: Osterode to Wennigsne (105 km)