2012 Leipzig Germany

Route Team

Day 1: Hannover to Wolfshagen am Herz       click on a picture to expand

  Bridge under construction, cyling on the autobahn   Breakfast at the campsite, its raining...

Day 2: Wolfshagen am Herz to Wernigerode       click on a picture to expand

  The first pub selling Gose beer   Ordnung muss sein   Cleaning the bikes at the fountain

Drying clothes in the hotel room ..then sightseeing Wernigerode       the beer is brought on the toy train

Day 3: Wernigerode to Seeburg       click on a picture to expand

no deposit on these bottles   Castle Anhalt-Ballenstedt    

  The GDR lives on on the walls...     Nice weather for breakfast at the campsite Ready to leave for Leipzig

Day 4: Seeburg to Leipzig       click on a picture to expand

      cycle tracks like in Poland

  first tavern selling Gose beer in Saxony and that is supposed to taste good!

Day 5: Leipzig       click on a picture to expand

Campsite Leipzig Auensee Neue Universitätskirche Art? Die Kirche der Wende

No beer just water A famous son - the Bach memorial City guide Jürgen

Das Völkerschlachtdenkmahl View of Leipzig from the memorial

The double "M" MusterMesse Matze lived at the top on the right Prasselkuchen & Lerche specialities from Leipzig Der Bayrische Bahnhof - tavern with Gose beer Visit to Matze's father

Beer festival No need to travel to Scotland Another tavern with Gose beer The last evening Leipzig central station