2010 Poland

Travel to Poland Cycle Route Accommodation Photos

Polish flag
Date of Tour / Zeitraum: September 9th-18th 2010
Distance & altitude climbed / Entfernung & Hoehenmeter 556 km & 2729 Hm
Team / Teilnehmer Cord, Matthias, Schahroch, Stephen

Travel to Poland: We left by train from Hannover to Rostock where we caught the ferry overnight to Gdansk. From Gdansk (Danzig) we cycled to Frankfirt am Oder and then took the train back to Hannover.

Route Map: Initialy the route followed the north coast of Poland to the west of Gdansk. We then headed south following cycle paths, many of which took us though woods on sandy paths which were very hard going. As we were loosing time we took the train from Pila to Gorzow from where we continued by bike to Franfurt on the German border.


Accomodation: We camped for the first three nights but because of the damp weather we started to stay in cabins of hotels.