Radtour 2008 Albanien & Montenegro - Karten und Daten


Der Radtour nach Albanien startet mit einer Flug nach Korfu und endet mit der Rückflug von Dubrovnik.

We started this tour by flying to Corfu and returned from Dubrovnik.

Route Map

The route kept us fairly close to the coast but there were some lots of hills to be climbed and a couple of high passes (1000m)

Route Data
Day 1 Hannover to Corfu
Corfu to Igoumenitsa
Day 2 Igoumenitsa to Sarandė bike
Day 3 Sarandė to Himarė bike
Day 4 Hamarė to Vlorė via the Llogarasė Pass bike
Day 5 Vlorė – Tirane bus
Day 6 Tirane to Shkodėr
Shkodėr to Montenegro and the Panorama Hote
Day 7 Panorma Hotel to Virpazar bike
Day 8 Virpazar - Cetinje bike
Day 9 Cetinje to Kotor to Herceg-Novi bike
Day 10 Herceg-Novi to Cavtat bike
Day 11 Cavtat to Dubrovnik and back
Dubrovnik to Hannover